Public Works

The mission of the Department of Public Works is to provide a safe, prompt, reliable service to the residents, businesses and visitors of Perry that is delivered in a professional, customer-friendly, attentive and efficient manner.

The Department of Public Works is responsible for providing the following major services to the City and its residents:

  • Water production, operation, distribution and administration
  • Wastewater collection, operation, treatment, disposal and administration
  • Natural gas distribution, operation and administration
  • Effective street, right-of-way and traffic control maintenance
  • A comprehensive and integrated waste management system to handle solid waste in a manner that will protect the public health and welfare and enhance the beauty and quality of our environment
  • A safe, comfortable and clean environment for the citizens and employees of the City of Perry
  • A serviceable fleet at the lowest costs possible, while at the same time, remaining cognizant of the demand and needs of the vehicle users
  • To properly manage the environmental impact of stormwater pollution

Public Works Administration

Public Works Administration is the major receiving office for all of the Divisions under Public Works.  All calls and requests for service are received through this office and dispatched to the proper Division and a work order is issued and tracked for service.

Public Works Divisions

Buildings & Grounds

Fleet MaintenancePUBLIC WORKS SIGN

Solid Waste



Customer Service

The City of Perry provides water, gas, sewer and garbage collection services to its citizens and some surrounding areas immediately adjacent to the city limits.  We are committed to providing courteous and efficient service to all utility customers and ensuring that utility billings are rendered correctly and collections are made in a timely manner.  Our goal is to provide knowledgeable interactions with our customers when it comes to quality and timeliness of our service while treating them in a pleasant and courteous manner.

To ensure the utmost accuracy in determining your bill, we use meter reading software to determine your bill electronically.  Results then go through a series of reviews before ever being sent to our customers.  We are committed to meeting the evolving needs of our customers through efficient operational management and excellent customer service.

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