City of Perry leaders were in attendance at the most recent meeting of the 21st Century Partnership where Executive Director Col. (Ret.) Dan Penny updated the group on the continued, and growing (4% increase over 2015), impact that Robins Air Force Base has on Houston County and beyond.

  • From Robins Air Force Base stems 41,459 employees/retirees in Georgia with a total pay/salary of $995 million.
  • There are employees and/or retirees in 79 of Georgia’s 159 counties.
  • $490 million in contracts went to Georgia firms in 2016 and $264.9 million of that went to Houston County firms.

While having such a significant impact on our community Robins was able to also win the prestigious 2016 Air Force Maintenance Effectiveness Award for top-performing maintenance depot in the United States Air Force. We should all be proud of Robins and the people who work there. Remember, every day in Middle Georgia is armed forces appreciation day.

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