Ever wanted to decorate a manhole cover?

The City of Perry now offers a manhole decoration program.  The purpose of this program is to allow a public artistic expression of a neighborhood’s interests, activities, hopes and character. It is also an economic development tool that will bring attention to the City and highlight its uniqueness and livability.

Program Guidelines

  1. Each artist concept must have prior approval by the Council.
  2. Each artist lid location must have prior approval from Council.
  3. The design authorization and use of the materials/facility is valid for 12 consecutive months (1 year after approval).
  4. Application material shall consist of proposed location, concept design in colors to be used, artist notification information and proposed schedule to complete project.
  5. Once approved by Council the City shall provide one (1) primed manhole cover per site, with support rack to the Perry Arts Center based on artist’s schedule.
  6. Artist shall be provided access to Arts Center to complete design.
  7. Artist shall provide all paints, mats, forms, palettes, etc. required to complete design. Paints must be acceptable for outdoor use. If project is not completed within sixty (60) days of commencing permission is revoked and manhole cover returned to storage.
  8. The artist agrees to assume all liability and hold the City harmless from any incidents arising from his/her involvement in the project starting with the set-up of the manhole until ready for sealing.
  9. Artist agrees he/she has no agent, employee, contractor, supplier or any formal relationship with the City.
  10. Any changes to concept design due to surface, materials etc. must be approved by Council prior to finalization. A color picture of the final product must be approved by Council prior to installation Council reserves the right to reject project in best interests of the City.
  11. Once accepted the City shall seal and install the lid project becomes property of the City upon installation.
  12. Artist agrees, if desired by Council, to be available for City publicity efforts.
  13. Pictures of accepted projects will be maintained at the Perry Arts Center.

For more information, contact the City of Perry at (478) 988-2700.