The Perry Brand has been built, and will continue to be built, through the unique, collective Perry experience. This experience embodies our promise, our promise to those living in Perry, our promise to people who do business in Perry, and our promise to the hundreds of thousands of people we welcome to Perry each year. For more information on the Perry Brand, the community-driven process behind the Brand, and how you or your business might be able to utilize the Brand, please click the link below:

Perry Brand Information

While the logo and tagline are the official City of Perry logo and tagline, we encourage community members and organizations to embrace the new Perry Brand and invite you to utilize the creative elements associated with the Brand. We have provided all of the pertinent creative elements for download and use once you have read and agree to our Graphics and Logo Usage Agreement.

By clicking on the “I Agree” button at the end of the Graphics and Logo Usage Agreement, you indicate your acceptance of the rules and guidelines regarding the Perry Brand and the City of Perry logo and tagline. The complete Graphic Brand Standards can be found by clicking the following link: Perry Brand Graphic StandardsThe City of Perry reserves the right to seek legal action for improper use of its logo, images, graphics, or other Perry Brand elements.

If you have any questions about the Perry Brand or use of the associated creative elements, please do not hesitate to contact Tabitha Clark, Communications Manager with the City of Perry, at (478) 988-2760 or via email at