The City of Perry is pleased to announce the release of its newly redesigned website at  This new website was designed to more effectively provide information to residents, businesses and visitors to the city–especially those who visit the site using mobile or tablet devices.  Many of the design and functionality features on the new site were requested by residents and visitors through a survey released last year that received over 60 responses.   In addition, city staff and council members provided input throughout the development to ensure that the new site serves the informational needs of all departments.  “We are very excited about using our new website to support the services we provide,” said Brenda King, Director of Administration for the City, “and we are confident that our visitors will find it to be an easy and convenient way to interact with council members and city staff.”

The City’s new website was developed in partnership with the Middle Georgia Regional Commission (MGRC), a regional planning organization that supports community and economic development through service to its member local governments and partner agencies.  “A quality web presence is essential as it is increasingly the primary means for visitors to obtain information about your city and the services you offer,” said Nick Kouloungis, Director of Technology Services at the MGRC.  “Our approach for designing the website was to create an engaging site that is easy to use and provides visitors with their desired information as efficiently as possible.”

On the homepage of the new site, visitors are now presented with three primary content sections for Live, Work, and Play.  Click “Live” to learn more about the quality municipal services that residents enjoy and why the City of Perry is one of the fastest growing cities in Middle Georgia.  Click “Work” to learn more about business support services the City provides and why Perry is a great place to start or grow your business.  And finally, click “Play” to learn about area attractions and discover the amenities that make Perry’s quality of life second to none.