The City of Perry Water Facilities recently received outstanding awards and recognitions by the Georgia Association of Water Professionals (GAWP) at the Spring Conference in Jekyll Island.   The City of Perry contracts with ESG Operations, Inc. in the provision of water and wastewater services.  We would like to especially thank ESG and their employees for their hard work and dedication to our water and wastewater services for our community.  The citizens of Perry can be confident and proud in the water services they receive.  It is evident from the awards listed below we have some of the best in the state of Georgia.

The GAWP awards are as follows:

City of Perry received the Water Treatment Plant of the Year.  The award is given to the best managed and best operated water treatment facility in the State of Georgia.

City of Perry received the Top OP Award. David Keene, City of Perry Water Treatment Operator, received the Top OP Award in District 5 due to excelling at his duties and setting examples for other operators.  This award is a high honor.

The City of Perry Water Treatment Plant received the Gold Award for perfect Permit Compliance for 2017.

The City of Perry proudly participated in the State Drinking Water Taste Test, and received First Place in District 5, which is a large group of water systems.

The Perry Wastewater Treatment Plant received the Certificate of Achievement in the 3.0-5.9 MGD category.  Perry was recognized for their high level of management for all aspects of the facility.

Congratulations to the City of Perry Water Division and ESG Operations, Inc.