Sewer Collection System

Perry’s sanitary sewer collection system currently consists of the following assets that transport wastewater to the Wastewater Treatment Plant and currently serves 4,643 sewer customers:

  • Seventeen (17) sewage pump stations
  • Approximately 100.50 miles of sewer main
  • Approximately 2,200 manholes
  • Eighteen (18) Air relief Valves (ARV’s)

Distribution System

Perry’s drinking water distribution system currently consists of the following assets that transports water to our 6,233 customers:

  • Five (5) Elevated Storage tanks for system pressure and fire protection
  • One (1) Booster Station for adding system pressure on the high pressure side
  • Approximately 148.5 miles of water mains
  • Approximately 900 fire hydrants
  • Approximately 2,700 water valves
  • Four (4) Pressure Reducing Valves (PRV’s)
  • Six (6) Zone Isolation Valves that separate low and high pressure water systems

Laboratory Analyses

The following samples are collected and analyzed by laboratory personnel:

  • Storm water samples
  • Stream samples (Upstream & Downstream)
  • Creeks are monitored for fecal coliforms, dissolved oxygen, temperature, and ph
  • Sewage spill sites are cleaned and monitored
  • All samples are reported to EPD per State regulations


  • Line Maintenance personnel are responsible for preventative and corrective maintenance of all related equipment, portable pumps and generators
  • Training classes are conducted to make sure all employees are knowledgeable of equipment and required maintenance procedures