The Planning Commission consists of seven City of Perry residents appointed by Mayor and Council. The function of the commission is to make informative recommendations and plans for the physical, social, and economic growth of Perry to promote the public health, safety, and welfare.  Members are appointed to four-year terms, coinciding with the appointing council member’s term.

Name Representing Term Term Expiration
Lawrence Clarington Post 2, District 1 - King 4 yrs 12/31/24
Charlie Griffis Post 2, District 2 - Peterson 4 yrs 12/31/24
Brince Coody Post 2, District 3 - Hunt 4 yrs 12/31/24
Suzanne Burkart Mayor Walker 4 yrs 12/31/21
Patricia Jefferson Post 1, District 1 - Bynum-Grace 4 yrs 12/31/21
Jim Mehserle Post 1, District 3 - Walker 4 yrs 12/31/21
Eric Edwards Post 1, District 2 - Jones 4 yrs 12/31/21



Following a Public Hearing, the Planning Commission is authorized to make the final decision on the following types of applications:

Following an Informational Hearing, the Planning Commission makes a recommendation to Mayor and Council on the following types of applications: