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Your City Services Bill Explained

City Hall's Customer Service Department is CLOSED for walk-ins at this time.

Payments may be made over the phone with debit or credit cards. Call 478-988-2754 or 866-230-5760 (24 hours per day).

Payments may be made at our kiosk located in the City Hall parking lot. Credit, debit, money orders and checks are accepted.

New account paperwork is online below. You will need to email it to along with a picture ID. We will call you to take the activation fee over the phone.

TAX payments may be made online or over the phone at 478-988-2740.

We will make individual appointments with customers if necessary. Call 478-988 2740 for tax and business licenses.

Utility matters may be directed to 478-988-2754.

Signing Up for Services

A non-refundable activation fee is required to set up services.

The following documentation is needed to establish services:

Official picture identification

Signed lease agreement, if renting

Signed closing settlement or warranty deed, if purchasing

Residential Application

Business Application

Gas Acknowledgement Form **Must be filled out for ALL new accounts**

NOTICE: All fees must be paid prior to activation of service.

Customer Service PoliciesAugust 2019

If your account begins with a 1 your due date = 2nd of every month

If your account begins with a 7 your due date = 5th of every month

If your account begins with a 0 your due date = 8th of every month

If your account begins with a 3 your due date = 15th of every month

If your account begins with a 5 your due date = 19th of every month

If your account begins with a 4 your due date = 10th of every month

Due dates are adjusted from the above so as not to fall on a weekend or holiday with the customer being given more time rather than less.  Failure to receive a bill does not relieve your obligation to pay.

Utility payments may be made 24 hours per day, 7 days a week online or using our City APP.  Telephone payments may be made 24 hours per day at 866-230-5760.  Credit, debit, money orders, checks and cash are accepted at our kiosk “Jack” in the City Hall parking lot.  If using cash, only bills are accepted and no change is given.  Credits will be applied to your next bill. 

10% penalty will be added to the balance the day following the due date as soon as the work from the prior night is processed (online payments).

Auto calls will go out 2 days before disconnects begin. Please make sure we have a valid phone number.

Disconnect day is the 7th day after the due date but will not be on a Friday or the day before a government holiday. Disconnects will begin as soon as the overnight payments are processed (online payments). Disconnects will be the day listed on the bill. The current service fee will be added as soon as the overnight payments are processed. The only way to ensure you do not have to pay this additional fee is to pay prior to 8:00 a.m. on the disconnect day.

Extensions must be requested in person at least 24 hours prior to the disconnect day printed on the bill. Extensions provide an extra calendar week to pay before disconnection.  Only 2 extensions will be granted per calendar year and the customer must have a 12 month history of good standing to be eligible.  Extensions will not be granted in back to back months. If a customer fails on their extension there will be no more granted.

Deposits****If a customer has had service disconnected 4 times in the past 24 billings, they will be required to pay a deposit in addition to the past due balance to have service reinstated.  This applies to current accounts or former accounts held by the account holder over the previous 5 years.  The deposit shall be equal to 1.5 times the average monthly billing. Deposits must be paid in cash or secured funds.  No personal checks will be accepted.

The natural gas division is responsible for providing natural gas service to customers in the immediate Perry area as well as to several outlying areas in Houston County. The system can presently deliver natural gas at pressures up to approximately 250 psig to accommodate the most demanding industrial gas load.

Natural gas, America's most popular home heating fuel, is increasingly popular for use by homeowners, schools, businesses, factories, and electric power-generation plants because it is efficient, clean, reliable, and a relative bargain compared to alternative energy sources.

In our community, The City of Perry provides natural gas to more than 2,600 customers through a network of underground distribution lines. Main gas lines, typically 2-inch in diameter, branch into household service lines which are typically half-inch to three-quarter-inch in diameter and buried 12 to 18-inches below the surface. The service lines end at each customer's meter where gas is delivered.

To protect you and others in the community; federal and state government, along with your utility provider have made your safety a high priority. Any time you dig or move earth in any way, you are required to "Call Before You Dig" 48 hours before beginning any digging. When you cal 811, they will contact utility owners who will locate all buried utility lines on your property, so you can safely dig and prevent a potentially hazardous condition. Failure to use the 811 system is a known cause of pipeline accidents. Calling before you dig can prevent a costly or even deadly mistake.

Natural gas is a colorless, odorless gas; however, a chemical that smells like rotten eggs is added to help detect a possible leak. Signs of a gas leak include seeing bubbling water, hearing a hissing or blowing sound from a pipeline or appliance, dead or discolored vegetation in an otherwise green area, or dirt or dust blowing from the ground, or the smell of rotten eggs.

If you smell gas, or just think you might have a gas leak, leave the area immediately and call Perry City Gas Department at 478-988-2777 or 911 from a neighboring home or business.  Never turn on or off switches, open or close garage doors, use a flashlight or phone/cellphone in the presence of the gas smell, as these devices may be a source of ignition, causing an explosion.

Do your part to familiarize yourself and your family with these natural gas safety tips and continue to enjoy the value, comfort, and benefits of America's cleanest, more efficient energy source!

Donate to your community here.

Help Your Neighbor in Need This Winter by Donating to HEAT

During the winter, many of us enjoy the comfort of a warm, cozy home. But thousands of low-income Georgians, including the elderly and disabled, often must choose between staying warm and buying food or paying for medication. As a result, many suffer from the cold weather because they are unable to pay their heating bills.

To help with this problem, the City of Perry has partnered with the Heating Energy Assistance Team (HEAT), Inc. Launched in 1983, HEAT provides energy assistance to thousands of our state’s most vulnerable citizens each year and is the oldest statewide fuel fund in Georgia. Qualified households are able to receive help with heating bills regardless of the energy source – natural gas, propane, electricity, oil, wood, coal or other.

Here’s How You Can Help

Make a donation through your City of Perry utility bill. Call 478-988-2754 to sign up.

Donate online at

Make your donation (check or money order) payable to HEAT and mail to…

HEAT, P.O. Box 451008, Atlanta, GA 31145

How Are HEAT Funds Distributed?

The Georgia Division of Family and Children Services distributes HEAT funds through local community action agencies. Qualified households apply for assistance at the agency that serves their county. Applicants must meet special guidelines established for HEAT that include income eligibility.

For more information, please contact HEAT at 678-406-0212 or

The use of fire hydrants in the City of Perry by private individuals is prohibited unless special permission is granted and a meter has been issued to measure the water used.  Persons with a special need for one-time use of a hydrant or contractors requiring large amounts of water during construction phase must contact Customer Service at (478) 988-2754 to complete the necessary application and pay required deposits prior to obtaining service.  An approved backflow prevention device or air break must be used when connecting to any hydrant.

Use of hydrants without permission of the City of Perry is strictly prohibited, as this may prevent use during an emergency or may deplete the water supply.

Georgia State Law requires that any person that digs, demolishes, trenches, drills, bores or blasts call the Utilities Protection Center of Georgia 48 hours prior to commencement of work (The 48 hours begins the next business day following receipt by the Utilities Protection Center of the locate request.  Weekends and holidays are not included in the 48 hours).  Dial 811 or 1-800-282-7411 for FREE underground utility locations.

Mayor and City Council have approved the provision of financial assistance for City residents who meet certain guidelines. Please click here to see if you qualify.

To find out more about our water distribution and waste water treatment, click here.