Here is what we are expecting over the next few days from Hurricane Michael. It is expected that the worst of the weather will arrive Wednesday late afternoon and progress throughout the night and into the early morning hours Thursday. We expect there to be heavy rains accompanied with windy conditions. Typically we see downed power lines and trees during these kinds of events. Remember that downed power lines are not always easy to see and can be a hazard to your health if you get too close.

As Hurricane Michael nears, we would like to remind you all of a few safety tips!

1) Secure loose items around your residence, such as free-standing basketball goals and outdoor furniture.
2) Do not approach downed power lines and always assume that they are energized, even if they do not appear to be.
3) Do not drive through standing water. Just because the water may not appear to be deep does not mean that the roadway under it may not be damaged.
4) Stay off of the roadway if possible

Who to contact?
-If you have an emergency, please call 911.
-If you have a power outage, please call your appropriate power company, GA Power or Flint Energies.
-Fallen trees on power lines or houses or blocking roadways should be reported to 911.

Please be safe and use good judgement if you must be on the roads. Take care!