Monthly Court Dates

Arraignment: First Wednesday, Monthly @ 3:00p.m.

Trial: Third Wednesday, Monthly @ 3:00p.m.

*Please be aware that there is an additional $42.00 Court Cost added to your fine when appearing in court.




The first appearance of a defendant in court is called an arraignment.  During arraignment the Judge will inform you of your rights, inform you of the charges, find out if you want a lawyer, and the time to enter a plea to your charge(s). The initial court date given on a citation by an officer is an arraignment court date. The Judge does not listen to your testimony and decide if you are guilty at your initial appearance. Perry Municipal Court holds arraignment sessions on the first Wednesdays of the month.   *Some violations require mandatory appearances in court. 

Guilty Pleas that must be heard by the Court

  • Any offense that involves loss of driving privilege.
  • Any offense that involves incarceration.

What are those offenses?

  • Driving under the influence of Alcohol or Drugs
  • Driving on a suspended license
  • No insurance
  • Reckless Driving
  • Aggressive Driving
  • Possession of less than 1oz. of Marijuana
  • Fleeing and/or attempting to elude a Police Officer

* Please contact the court clerk’s office at least 2 business days after you receive your citation to inquire if a citation requires an appearance.

*If a defendant wishes to contest his/her citation, he/she must appear on his/her arraignment date and enter a plea of "not guilty."  The case will then be reset to a trial date. 

Trial dates are mandatory appearances for court.  All trial court dates are held on the third Wednesday of the month. There are no jury trials in the Perry Municipal Court.

On a trial date, defendants will have the opportunity to state their case to the judge, ask questions of the officer, or present evidence/witnesses to the judge on their behalf.

Trials in Perry Municipal Court are held before our presiding judge.  If a defendant would like a jury trial, he/she must request in front of the court during his/her Arraignment court appearance.  The case will then be bound over to the Houston County State Court for a jury trial.

There are several pleas a defendant may enter at a court appearance.
1. Guilty- admitting that you have committed the offense with which you are being charged.
2. Not Guilty- Denial of guilt, your case will be set for a trial at a later date
3. NOLO or Nolo Contendere

NOLO plea mean no contest.  This plea means the defendant is neither admitting to guilt nor denying the charge.  It is simply accepting the charge and agreeing to the fine and/or sentence.  NOLO pleas may only be entered in court before the presiding judge.

Please see forms for a guilty and not guilty plea sheet for your information.