With the recent completion of the City of Perry Strategic Masterplan and the completion of the City of Perry Strategic Plan and Implementation Program 2014 – 2024 in 2014 the City of Perry is fortunate to now have two well-developed guiding documents to utilize moving forward. Both plans outline the vision of our community and address encompassing issues while also providing focused, strategic goals and action items determined by those who participated in the planning process. Based on the issues identified in each of the plans we were able to identify priorities for moving forward and a tool, the City of Perry Plan Implementation Matrix found below, to guide our progress while providing for accountability and transparency. Essentially, the objectives outlined in the Matrix are what the community has deemed important and that’s what we as a City will be working on.

With the top-5 planning priorities serving as a guide, the Matrix clearly and concisely outlines community priorities and associated objectives. Each of the objectives have been provided with a “roadmap” if you will that determines the lead city department, possible community partners, target completion timeframes, and when feasible, estimated costs. Each objective has also been further broken down into milestones and assigned appropriate success measures when possible. Utilizing the matrix it will be possible to track each objective from start to finish. The “Accelerated Actions” at the end outline objectives, three for each priority area, that may be completed relatively quickly and at little or no additional cost to the City.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about your plans or how the City is working for you in implementing them.