Public Service Announcement

City of Perry, Community Development Department

If you are opening a new, or alternating an existing business venture be sure to take time to understand and comply with the laws relating to owning and operating a business in Perry.  Spending a little time talking with your local Zoning, Building, and Fire Officials will help to make the start-up a success and prevent unnecessary delays, notifications, and unforeseen costs.

First, make sure your location is zoned properly; some uses may not be allowed in certain zoning districts. For instance, a commercial zoning like C-1 may allow for a restaurant use but may restrict the use of a drive-thru.  A short conversation with the Zoning Official about your proposed business or use will save you time and money.

Building and Fire codes are minimum standards that are enforced to protect the public against fire and life safety hazards.  A simple change in use or occupancy could trigger required modifications like adding an additional exit, providing an alarm or sprinkler system or even building fire separation walls.  Providing information such as an existing and proposed floor plan, size of the building, the proposed use, location and potential occupant load are very helpful when discussing your business plans with the Building and Fire Officials.

Keep in mind a Certificate of Occupancy issued by the Building and Fire Official is required for all occupied structures.  A Certificate that was issued at a particular location may not be valid if the size, use or occupancy classification has changed.

Addressing these few points before buying or leasing a specific location, applying for occupational tax certificate or even applying for a loan could be the difference in having a successful business or failing before you get started.

The City of Perry provides these and many other helpful services at no costs. Assistance is a just a phone call away.  Please contact us at 478-988-2720.