The City of Perry has a once a week collection operation for bulk waste.  Bulk waste consists of household items that are too large to reasonably fit in the garbage cart.  The most common examples of bulk waste are furniture, carpeting, mattresses and appliances.


The bulk waste must be neatly stacked in a pile and not scattered and away from vehicles, poles, mail boxes and other obstructions adjoining your property.  Carpet, padding and rugs should be rolled in three (3) foot sections and tied or taped and weigh no more than forty (40) pounds.

The total volume of bulk should not exceed six (6) cubic yards.  If the pile is larger than this size, the City will collect the material at an additional fee to the customer.

Freezers and refrigerators must have the Freon reclaimed and a certification sticker placed on them as required by Federal law.  Residents must contact a licensed heating/cooling specialist to reclaim the Freon before putting it out for collection.  The doors must also be removed for safety reasons.

For items that are being disposed of that contain glass, please extensively tape and cross tape the glass to prevent it from shattering.

What We Cannot Collect

  • Hazardous waste, auto parts, dirt, shingles, pallets, concrete blocks, fuel/oil tanks, construction and demolition debris, manufacturing process debris, loose or dangerous refuse.
  • Debris from work performed by anyone other than the resident.
  • Building materials from a contractor.
  • Materials from evictions, foreclosures, unoccupied properties, home renovation/remodeling debris, commercial properties or apartment complexes.
  • Debris from vacant property that has been empty for more than sixty (60) days.
  • Debris of any type on vacant lots.
  • Paint or any liquid items.

Debris over seventy-five (75) pounds.