The City of Perry has a once a week collection operation for yard debris.  Yard debris includes organic waste generated during regular household landscaping and gardening activities.  Examples include; leaves, branches, twigs, shrubbery trimming, straw, pine needles and Christmas trees.  Rocks, dirt and gravel are not considered yard debris.


  • Leaves, grass, pine straw, etc. should be placed in plastic bags that weigh no more than forty (40) pounds and can be easily lifted by the average person.
  • Yard debris should be free of other solid waste.
  • No more than twenty (20) bags should be placed at the curb per week for collection.
  • Yard debris should be placed within two (2) feet of the curb and at least three (3) feet away from other collection items (including other yard waste) and obstacles such as mailboxes, phone poles and vehicles, etc. Do not block the sidewalk.
  • Separate brush, limbs and logs into piles no larger than five (5) feet long, five (5) feet wide and five (5) feet high. Pile should weigh no more than fifty (50) pounds.
  • Logs must be four (4) inches in diameter or less. Tree stumps and root balls will not be collected.


  • A maximum of five (5) cubic yards per week will be collected.
  • Yard trimmings generated by tree surgeons is collected only after a natural disaster.
  • The City of Perry does not pick up yard debris generated by private contractors performing tree removal or trimmings at your home. The contractor is responsible for removing all waste.  If you contract a project, please arrange to have the contractor dispose of the remains.
  • Trimmings from the original development of a lot will not be collected.
  • Yard debris should not be mixed with other types of solid waste.


What is grasscycling? It is recycling your grass clippings by leaving them on your lawn instead of collecting them with a grass catcher. It’s an easy way to reduce yard waste and decrease your grass cutting time. Mulched grass decomposes quickly, recycling nutrients.