The City of Perry, along with many other communities in Georgia, is currently experiencing pre-drought conditions and we are asking all citizens and businesses to participate in our voluntary water restriction program to ensure adequate and sustainable water for everyone. We are asking that you consider such restrictions as limiting outdoor watering, forgoing non-essential car washing, and limiting the use of
water for aesthetic or recreational purposes (e.g. water fountains, swimming pools, etc.).

Current Situation (pre-drought level):

  • Outdoor water use is allowed in Georgia 7 days a week after 4 pm and before 10 am.
  • The Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) is monitoring a set of drought indicators, and will notify affected communities prior to any drought declaration.

EPD has NOT declared a drought at this time.

If the EPD declares a drought:
Tiered response actions are triggered, that build on each level of drought (as declared by EPD):

  • Level 1 – public outreach and information.
  • Level 2 – odd/even schedule for outdoor watering, and implementation of actions listed in the Drought Management rules. Using water to wash hard surfaces, operate decorative fountains, and non-commercial car washing is not allowed.
  • Level 3 – outdoor watering ban (with a few exemptions), implementation of all actions in the menu, as well as drought surcharges or conservation rates.

Please remember that water is one of our most precious resources and we are all responsible in doing what we can to conserve it.

Please contact Customer Service at the City of Perry at (478) 988-2754.