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Join us as the City of Perry celebrates Black History Month by recognizing distinguished African Americans who have made an impact in their hometown of Perry, Georgia. The mission of the City of Perry's Black History Month celebration is to connect all citizens with knowledge and reflection on the varied accomplishments of our African American community. It is our vision to create an atmosphere where heritage is shared, celebrated and preserved through stories, facts and impactful contributions that African Americans have had on the overall development to the City of Perry.

If I were to write all of the reasons that I am grateful for all the participants in the Black History memoratorium on a little piece of paper, they would fill the entire room. On behalf of the City of Perry, I am blessed and grateful for your help and support for this historical event. I doubt I would have been able to complete a project of this magnitude without you doing your part. Your willingness and cooperation is a big part of why this project was so successful. I am looking forward to everyone getting an opportunity to see the completed work. I am honored to be a part of building such a phenomenal foundation for the history of Perry.

In my experience, it is the community and citizens that make our city a beautiful place to live. Each and every person that contributed to the Perry African American history project deserves credit. Everyone worked together to get the project completed and I want to thank you collectively and individually. I am sincerely honored to be a part of such a momentous event for your community. Let's continue to partner to build a fantastic foundation for our beautiful city.


Phyllis Bynum-Grace, City of Perry Councilwoman

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