Leisure Services Director

Neighborhood Parks

A.D. Redmond Park
located at 1534 James Street

Johnny Noble Dixon Park
located at 612 Plum Street

Oldfield Park
located at 1300 State Avenue

Willie Teonate Williams Park
located at 909 Jeanne Street

Woodland Park
located at 618 Woodland Drive

Wooden Eagle Park 1
located at 04 Wooden Eagle Trail

Wooden Eagle Park 2
located at 301 Amherst Street

Location Types

  • Green Space
    • Parcels of land or portions titled to the City for the purpose of preserving natural growth areas.

      May contained limited cross connection City infrastructure such as water/sewer, streets, etc.

      Other than infrastructure maintenance, no mother maintenance is performed.

      Not available for public use.
  • Pocket Parks
    • Parcels of land or portions dedicated to surrounding neighborhood use.

      Contains neighborhood items such as small playground equipment, picnic tables, etc.

      No parking lot provided.

      Maintenance provided by the City.

      Not available for rent.
  • Passive Parks
    • Barbara Calhoun Park, Rotary Centennial Park, Legacy Park, Heritage Oaks Park, & Pine Needle Park

      Parcels of land or portions dedicated for general public use.

      May contain items in a pocket park plus particular attractions such as water features, trails, education facilities and non-competitive items, such as dog parks, ponds, tennis courts, etc.

      Limited parking is available.

      Maintenance provided by the City.

      Not available for rent.

      City may sponsor limited activities.

      Large gatherings prohibited.
  • Destination Parks
    • Creekwood Park & Rozar Park

      Parcels of land or portions dedicated to active public use.

      Contains a wide range of facilities for various competitive and non-competitive activities.

      Location of Department of Leisure Services activities and events.

      Available for rent.

      Any size group can use.

      Large areas for parking.

      May contain structure for community use.

      Serves regional users.

      Parks close at sunset.

Perry is solidifying its reputation as a “quality of life” community. Our City leaders are constantly looking for opportunities to provide our citizens with access to experience recreation and leisure activities wherever possible.

Recognized as a “plan first City” our City Council has ensured this practice with incorporating neighborhood “pocket parks” wherever feasible in community development. These neighborhood parks average a half acre in size offering visitors the use of playground equipment and picnic areas.