Kevin Dye,
Leisure Services Director

1060 Keith Drive
Perry, GA 31069
Phone: (478) 988-2860
Fax: (478) 988-2868

The James E. Worrall Center facilitates a variety of opportunities to participate in instructional classes such as Square Dancing, Soul Line Dancing, Zumba, Yoga, Tai Chi, Senior Exercise, and Ballroom Dancing.

The dance classes are for beginners through advance participants for an evening of fun.  The Zumba class features movements inspired by various styles of Latin American dance and performed to different dance music followed by a Yoga class to improve flexibility, build muscle strength and better bone health.  Don’t forget Seniors, an exercise class is designed specifically for you, promoting wellness of mind, body and spirit.  It features strength and flexibility stretching led by a certified instructor.

Contact information:

Zumba and/or Yoga –

Senior Exercise – or 478.923.9771

Square Dancing –

Soul Line Dancing –


Bingo is also offered at the James E Worrall Community Center hosted by the Perry Volunteer Outreach every Wednesday.  For more details, call 478.218.2274