Officer Selection Requirements


In an effort to provide the best possible service and quality police protection for the citizens
of Perry, all applicants for the Police Department who are selected for consideration for
employment are required to participate in a structured evaluation process.  The elements of
this process are listed in their normal sequence below:

A. Applicants must complete a City of Perry application, which must be completed and
returned to the personnel department;

B. An oral interview is scheduled between the applicant and the Chief of Police or his

C. A computerized criminal history investigation of the applicant’s background is conducted
to determine if he/she has been charged with or convicted of an offense which would
disqualify him/her for service with the Police Department;

D. A check of the applicant’s driver’s history will be run.

E. The applicant must take the POST Admission Test and receive a passing score;

F. A check of the applicant’s references will be completed.

G. The applicant is scheduled to complete a physical agility and fitness course to measure
his strength, endurance, coordination, and ease of movement;

H. The Chief of Police will extend a conditional job offer;

I. A voice stress analysis or a polygraph examination of each candidate will be conducted,
with all questions intended to determine information concerning the applicant’s
truthfulness relative to any significant criminal background and/or drug use history or
other information which would serve to disqualify him/her for police service;

J. A background investigation of each candidate will be conducted prior to appointment to
probationary status;

K. An emotional stability and psychological fitness examination will be conducted and
assessed by the Police Department prior to appointment to probationary status;

L. A physical examination prior to appointment to probationary status will be conducted by a
trained medical physician to certify the general health of the candidates;

M. A drug screen will be conducted by trained medical staff prior to appointment to
probationary status.

N. A fingerprint background check for criminal records will be conducted.

The Police Department will generally attempt to create a hiring pool of at least three (3)
qualified applicants for each anticipated opening.  As the group of applicants move through
the hiring process, the department will evaluate the information gained at each stage and
make decisions concerning which applicant shall be scheduled for the following stage of the

The evaluation process generally requires approximately six weeks to complete.  The actual
time required may be less than or greater than six weeks, depending upon the individual
circumstances of each applicant.

In the event an applicant is not selected for employment the first time he/she completes the
hiring process, he/she may reapply and be reconsidered.  It is not the intent of the Perry
Police Department to indicate that an applicant who is not selected during a hiring process
is not capable of performing law enforcement duties or that he/she could not be successful
on a subsequent application and hiring evaluation.

Thank you for your interest in the City of Perry and the Perry Police Department.

Notice to Police Officer Applicants

Applicants must submit and successfully complete the following:

A. An interview with the Chief of Police;

B. Pass a thorough investigation to include character, experience, background, and physical

C. An investigation of all police records, all previous employment, past places of residence,
personal habits including illegal drug use, military records, educational background, and
other areas deemed job related; provide access to any and all social networks applicant
subscribes to;

D. A voice stress or polygraph examination and a second interview with the Chief of Police;

E. A complete physical examination at City’s expense;

F. Psychological examination; and

G. Submit to a drug screen.

Minimum Requirements for Applicants

A. A high school education or its equivalent as recognized by the Georgia Department of
Education. (Minimum GED score of 45 per section-total 225);

B. Preference will be given, all other factors equal, to applicants with at least 60 semester
house or 90 quarter hours of college credits from an accredited college or university;

C. Minimum age limit for Police Officers is twenty (20) years;

D. Pass the required background investigation, voice stress analysis or polygraph
examination, and physical examination;

E. Willing to work in harmony with staff and on any shift assigned;

F. Must be a U.S. citizen; and

G. Must have a valid Georgia Driver’s license;

H. Must possess a social security card.

The City of Perry welcomes you as an applicant for a position in the Police Department.  If
you cannot meet or abide by the above stated conditions and/or requirements, it is
suggested that you not complete the formal application.  No exceptions will be made.


Download Police Officer Requirements here.