Regulatory and Licensing Requirements

Navigating the maze of regulations and requirements for licenses, permits, and taxes among the various city and state government agencies can be confusing and overwhelming.  To aid you in the process, click Guide to Starting a Business in Perry.

Please note that no guide can address regulations pertaining to every business; contact the appropriate agency or department directly to identify the appropriate process for your particular business.

Financial Assistance

Depending on the proposed location, your business may be eligible for Opportunity Zone tax credits. These credits are available if your business is located in the Opportunity Zone and creates two jobs. In addition, your business may be eligible for other state and federal programs. Please contact Karen Thompson of the Middle Georgia Regional Commission at (478) 751-6160 for additional information.


Full disclosure of your proposed uses is requested prior to a zoning determination by the City to assist you in avoiding prohibited uses. Please contact the Community Development Department at (478) 988-2720 for zoning information.


If your business plans to use any type of signage please contact the Community Development Department at (478) 988-2720 prior to ordering business signs. The City of Perry has a number of different overlay zoning districts regulating signage. All of which have certain variation requirements and restrictions of signage.

Home Occupation

Home-based businesses may be approved by the Community Development Department without City Council approval if certain conditions are met.  Please contact the Community Development Department at (478) 988-2720 for further information.  The complete application can be found under Documents and Forms for the Community Development Department.

Food Service Business

If your business involves the sale of food, you may require Houston County Health Department approval in addition to meeting all City of Perry requirements. Please contact the Houston County Health Department at (478) 218-2020 for more information.

Alcohol Sales

If your business involves the sale of alcohol you may have certain restrictions. For example:

  • Proper zoning
  • May require a public hearing process
  • Setbacks from schools, churches, may apply
  • State license may be required

Coin-Operated Machines

If your business has coin-operated amusement machines operating which give reward tickets,  tabs,  tokens,  etc. a coin-operated amusement machine license is required. In addition, coin-operated amusement machines giving a reward may have to meet certain setbacks. For example, you must be 100 yards from a church and 200 yards from a school.

Remodeling Activity

If your business requires any structural changes to the building it will require a building permit and inspections from the Community Development and/or Fire & Emergency Services departments. Cosmetic alterations, such as painting, new carpet, etc., do not require a building permit. Please contact the Community Development Department at (478) 988-2720 and Fire & Emergency Services at (478)  988-2850 for additional information regarding building permits and/or inspections.

New Construction

If you are developing a site relative to your business, there are a series of requirements the City has relative to zoning, land use, parking, signs, building codes, soil erosion control, stormwater management, etc. which could impact your proposal. The more detail you provide the quicker your application will be processed. Additionally, depending on your business location, the Georgia Department of Transportation and/or US Army Corps of Engineers permits may be required.  Please contact the Community Development Department at (478) 988-2720 for guidelines to assist you.

Business License Inspection

Prior to being issued a business license, an inspection at the business location must be performed by the Community Development and Fire & Emergency Services departments. Both departments will be checking to make sure the location is safe for the public. Please contact the Community Development Department at (478) 988-2720 for further information and to schedule an inspection.  24-hour notice is required for inspection requests.

Business License

After the business license inspection is approved by both the Community Development and Fire & Emergency Services departments and all other permits and/or licenses are obtained, a City of Perry occupational tax license may be issued.

Downtown Façade Grant

If your business is located in the Downtown Development District, and funding is available, it may be possible to receive a façade grant from the Perry Main Street Board. The façade improvements must meet the criteria established and approved by the board. Please click here for façade grant information packet or contact the Main Street Coordinator at (478) 988-2758.


The City of Perry offers the following utilities :

  • Natural Gas, Water, Sewer
  • Grease trap servicing and garbage collection

These utilities can be activated by contacting the City of Perry  Utilities Department at (478) 988-2754.

The  City of Perry has  two  electricity  providers  depending  on  the  location  of  your business :

  • Georgia Power – 1-888-660-5890
  • Flint EMC- (478) 988-3500 or 1-800-342-3616

And two Internet providers (Telephone/Television/Internet):

  •  Windstream Communications- 1-800-501-1776
  •  ComSouth Communications – (478) 987-0172

Should you need additional information, please see the Documents and Forms page.

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